Tuesday Trucking Schedule:
Thursday April 24th: Accepting Corn & Wheat, All Proteins, Wet or Dry
NO Soybeans

We are taking new contracts on Wheat & Corn for nearby delivery.

We have no DP or storage at this time.  You must have a contract in place or call and make a contract to haul.  We are buying spot grain.

We have added IView for our customer's to have the ability to view their account information 24 hours a day!
You will be able to log on to our secure site and view all your statements, contracts, settlements and print scale tickets.
Click the
green IView icon on the top right portion of your screen to register or call the elevator


Markit County Grain, LLC will not accept grains, oilseeds or wheat containing transgenic events not approved for U.S export markets; such markets to include Canada, China, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and Mexico.

Local Cash Bids
MarKit County Grain Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Wheat Chart April    
  Chart May    
 Soybeans Chart April/May    
  Chart New Crop    
 Corn Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June/July    
Price as of 04/24/14 12:33PM CDT.
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Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 14 502'6 507'4 500'2 501'2 -2'2 503'4 12:23P Chart for @C4K
Jul 14 508'2 513'4 506'2 506'4 -3'0 509'4 12:22P Chart for @C4N
Sep 14 505'4 511'2 504'0 504'0 -3'2 507'2 12:22P Chart for @C4U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 14 746'6 767'4 741'0 757'6 12'0 745'6 12:22P Chart for @KW4K
Jul 14 750'6 772'0 745'4 763'4 13'0 750'4 12:22P Chart for @KW4N
Sep 14 757'2 778'6 752'6 769'4 12'0 757'4 12:22P Chart for @KW4U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 14 723'4 743'4 720'0 734'4 10'2 724'2 12:22P Chart for @MW4K
Jul 14 726'0 746'4 722'6 738'2 11'4 726'6 12:22P Chart for @MW4N
Sep 14 735'0 750'6 730'4 744'6 10'6 734'0 12:22P Chart for @MW4U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 14 1468'4 1474'0 1464'0 1466'2 -2'2 1468'4 12:22P Chart for @S4K
Jul 14 1463'6 1471'6 1460'4 1464'6 0'0 1464'6 12:22P Chart for @S4N
Aug 14 1400'0 1408'4 1397'0 1406'4 6'0 1400'4 12:22P Chart for @S4Q
@SP - S&P 500 INDEX - CME
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
Jun 14 1878.60 1882.40 1877.20 1878.60 5.70 1872.90 08:15A Chart for @SP4M
Sep 14 1865.50 - 0.90 1865.50s 04/23 Chart for @SP4U
Dec 14 1858.00 - 1.00 1858.00s 04/23 Chart for @SP4Z
My Custom Markets
Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

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