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MarKit County Grain Employment Application

Accepting Soybeans, Corn & Wheat. 


Not accepting soybeans at this time
No Barley at this time--please call 

MCG Alvarado is gearing up for spring planting and spreading season.  To best serve you, we upgraded our seed tender and added a second.  Both seed tenders can hold 375 units, and will be used to stage seed and make deliveries.  We also have a tender truck able to make deliveries up to 500 units.

As you plan for spring, please keep us updated on your plans.

For Fertilizer, Seed & Treatment Sales, and Product questions:  Kevin Johnson ( or 218-965-4812)

Scheduling of Seed Treatment and Seed Pickup:  Jeff Poe
( or 218-965-4812)

Seed Cleaning Scheduling:  Will Kusler
( or 218-965-4812)

Section 199(a) Update

You could win $5,000 for the local charity of your choice! 
Learn more HERE
Enter HERE

Spring Wheat Protein Scales:

+10¢ per 1/5 above 14.0

-10¢ per 1/5 below 14.0 to 11.5

Max protein discount $1.25


Spring Wheat Protein Scales - New Crop:

+ 8¢ per 1/5 above 14.0

-8¢ per 1/5 below 14 to 11.0

Fertilizer Prices are available on the website.  Visit Agronomy>Fertilizer above or CLICK HERE to go directly to the page.

Office/Truck Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Weekend: Closed

for sale


General Information

IView & Portal

We have added IView for our customer's to have the ability to view their account information 24 hours a day!
You will be able to log on to our secure site and view all your statements, contracts, settlements and print scale tickets.
Click the green IView icon on the top right portion of your screen to register or call the elevator
We also now offer DTN Portal to help you manage your cash and futures offers.  Call if you are interested in either one and we can help get you started.  

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans Approved

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety soybeans have been approved for export and we can accept them. 
Markit County Grain, LLC will not accept grains, oilseeds or wheat containing transgenic events not approved for U.S export markets; such markets to include Canada, China, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and M


Standard Delayed Pricing Program

Bushels delivered between the 1st and 15th must have basis set by the 20th.

Bushels delivered between the 16th and month-end must have basis set by the 5th of the following month.


 For example, bushels delivered on July 10th must have basis set by July 20th.  Bushels delivered on July 22nd must have basis set by August 5th.


 If the 20th or 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, basis must be set by the following business day.  If you have any questions, please call.

Local Cash Bids
Argyle Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Wheat Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June    
  Chart July    
  Chart New Crop    
 Soybeans Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June    
  Chart New Crop    
 Corn Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June    
Alvarado Delivery Cash   Basis    
 WHEAT Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June    
  Chart July    
  Chart New Crop    
 SOYBEANS Chart April    
  Chart May    
  Chart June    
  Chart New Crop    
 CORN Chart April    
  Chart May    
Price as of 04/20/18 07:19PM CDT.
Click to view more Cashbids

Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 18 381'2 381'6 376'2 376'6 -5'4 376'4s 03:56P Chart for @C8K
Jul 18 390'2 390'6 385'2 385'6 -5'4 385'4s 03:55P Chart for @C8N
Sep 18 398'0 398'0 392'6 393'6 -5'4 393'0s 02:43P Chart for @C8U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 18 611'0 611'2 599'6 599'6 -13'2 600'0s 02:37P Chart for @MW8K
Jul 18 617'6 618'0 605'2 605'4 -13'4 605'6s 01:32P Chart for @MW8N
Sep 18 619'6 619'6 611'2 611'6 -12'4 611'4s 02:41P Chart for @MW8U
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 18 1037'0 1038'4 1027'6 1029'4 -8'4 1028'6s 03:38P Chart for @S8K
Jul 18 1048'6 1050'0 1039'4 1041'4 -8'6 1040'2s 02:40P Chart for @S8N
Aug 18 1050'4 1051'6 1041'4 1042'0 -8'4 1042'0s 01:30P Chart for @S8Q
Month Open High Low Last Change Close Time More
May 18 494'2 495'4 481'4 482'4 -12'4 482'6s 03:13P Chart for @KW8K
Jul 18 514'0 514'4 500'6 502'2 -12'4 502'0s 02:33P Chart for @KW8N
Sep 18 533'0 533'0 519'4 521'0 -13'0 520'4s 01:30P Chart for @KW8U
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Symbol Open High Low Last Change Close Time More

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Argyle, MN
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Temp: 52oF Feels Like: 52oF
Humid: 59% Dew Pt: 38oF
Barom: 30.37 Wind Dir: S
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 10 mph
Sunrise: 6:27 Sunset: 8:27
As reported at GRAND FORKS, ND at 6:00 PM
Local Radar
Argyle, MN
Local Forecast
Argyle, MN





High: 55°F
Low: 29°F
Precip: 0%
High: 57°F
Low: 37°F
Precip: 0%
High: 62°F
Low: 41°F
Precip: 0%
High: 53°F
Low: 37°F
Precip: 20%
High: 58°F
Low: 28°F
Precip: 0%
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